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Twice a year the Powerhouse community comes together at our bi-annual conference.  Each conference has a unique theme, but the common element is helping each participant reach their GREATEST potential and achieve EXPONENTIAL growth!

This year’s theme is GRIND AND GROW!

In celebration of the conference we are hosting a online webinar series that will give you the opportunity to meet the conference speakers and get a SNEAK PEEK of what the conference has in store!


Meet the Conference Speakers Before the Event on April 29th!

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During this Power – Packed Webinar Series you’ll…

1. Meet the Spring Grind and Grow Conference Speakers that’s being held April 29th!
2.Get the blueprint to grow your brand and cash flow from live events!
3. Learn how to write a book to author your way to Greatness!
4. Gain secrets to increase CASH FLOW through social media and online marketing!
5. Unlock simple yet powerful strategies to Protect your Purpose and Prosperity!
6. Gain the knowledge and connections to GRIND and Grow!!!